Sept 20, 1992
Head Coach:
Johnny Aguilar
Wrestling, BJJ

Kaleb Fourtner (born September 20, 1992) is an American amateur mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the lightweight division for numerous fighting platforms in South Texas, including Tap or Scrap. Fourtner debuted in 2021 with Fury FC against Joe Flores; however, Flores would go on to suffer a devastating defeat after a botched takedown, which resulted in a broken arm.

Fourtner was born in Platte, Nebraska, on September 20, 1992, but began growing roots in Texas at the age of 18.

At the age of 7 he was introduced to the world of folk wrestling and would later compete for St. Patrick Catholic High School in North Platte, Nebraska. Scouts representing the University of Lincoln Nebraska would soon become interested in a naturally talented Kaleb Fourtner however, he would go on to pass up any opportunity to further his natural ability on a collegiate level by entering the workforce.  

Fourtner began his amateur mma lifestyle fighting in and on fight platforms rooted in South Texas in 2021.  He is ranked #17 and has amassed a 2-1-0 fight record fighting for Monsters Den located in Victoria, Texas.

While fighting as a featherweight for Fury FC 49 and making his official debut, he would score a satisfactory win over Joe Flores who suffered a broken arm 20 seconds into the match.

Following his debut, Fourtner returned to the cage to compete with Dylan Torres on Feb 5, 2022 at Texas Clash Bash 17. This catchweight bout would come to a stop 20 seconds into the first round – with Fourtner succumbing to an armbar submission.

After his loss to Dylan Torres, Fourtner would soon find redemption by taking on and defeating Cody Ortiz by TKO under the same organization as a lightweight contender with only 27 seconds remaining in the first round on May 7, 2022.

Fourtner is set to compete for Tap or Scrap in Victoria, Texas on June 10, 2022 in Port Lavaca Texas against Emmanuel “Hellhound” Garcia.


Submission (Armbar)

TKO (Arm Injury)

Q: When and how did you get in to MMA?
A: I started wrestling when I was 7 in my birth state, Nebraska. I started mma last year after the tap or scrap exhibition back in 2021.

Q: What's your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?  
A: My favorite submission is something I hit in practice all the time, I've never saw it done in any mma match yet though so I want to be the first person to get a sub with it, it's a variation of a common folkstyle wrestling front head lock. I get it in there deep and it's nasty so be watching for that I'll be jumping up and down the day I hit that!

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Hands down my biggest inspiration  are my 3 sons.

Q: Which team are you training with in preparation for your next bout?  
A: I train with monsters den. I'll always remain loyal to my coach Johnny Aguilar and his family and assistant coach Kris Gonzales.  Everyone in that gym is my family. Even when I fight professionally Coach tiny has the teaching ability to coach me through my pro career regardless how much I blow up.

Q: What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
A: To me being a fighter is being an entertainer.  I'm a modern day gladiator.  Also I'm a role model and it makes me carry myself in public in a more professional manner. Before hand especially going out to the bars I looked for fights to get into, a reason to pop something off for fun. But now I represent my gym and this sport I'm only there to enjoy myself and have a good time.  I have zero wants to get into a stupid street fight because unless I'm truly defending myself or my girl there isn't a fight worth losing my privilege to fight in the cage.

Q: What do you love about being a fighter?
A: I love being a fighter for so many different reasons. It's a sport I can compete in.  A stage for me to entertain and get that adrenaline rush from the moment I walk out and all eyes are on me.  I get to throw some one around, and punch someone in the face with out going to jail! It doesn't get better then that.

Q: How long does it take you to recover from a fight?
A: All my fights have been first round so recovery is easy.

Q: Do you learn more from a loss or from a win? Why?
A: You learn from both you know. I know after losing to an arm bar attempt we went to the drawing board and my teammates throw the arm bar on me in our rolls every practice now.  

I've learned the intelligent way to deal with it opposed to the brute strength pick up from the floor and slam em. I still like the slam though but that was the shittiest feeling losing like that and my defense has increased because of it.

You learn from the wins too, you learn who you are, you learn how humble you are, and I think that's pretty important as an ammy.  

As a pro the confidence and cocky shit talking sells.  That draws the attention and is fun and games and it has its place, but as an ammy, I'm here to learn so I'll keep my chin high and mouth shut and let the skillset I take into each individual match do the talking while I learn from each fight.  

You have to look for victories in your losses to stay driven, and the losses in your victories to continue to grow.

Q: What's does your training schedule like? (how often do you train)
A: so my training schedule isn't as hard core as I'd like. I have a full time job doing shift work at the plant, I'm a father of 3 very active boys with school and their own sports, and I'll always be a father first no matter what.  And that cuts into my training a lot.  I work around it, my coach and my assistant coach do such an amazing job finding time in their life's outside of fighting to make sure I'm getting some type of mat time in.   I have a little gym in my garage, a heavy bag,  nice bench set up cable machine,  dip station,  I just got a row and bike machine the neighbor threw out .  So i get my daily conditioning and strength work outs here at the house usually in the after hours after my daily life happens.

Q: What advice will you have for your kids when it comes to them wanting to do MMA?
A: So my oldest (12) is a MLB bound ball player.  He's been in love with baseball since tball and is on a select team playing year round.  My 8 year old is still finding his thing,  I have him in gymnastics now and the little dude can do back hand springs and can almost land a back flip flat footed. He wants to do what daddy does one day.  So I think having him in gymnastics now will be a huge investment into any kind of athletic career he wants to pursue, especially mma.  Next year I plan on putting him in my gyms children's bjj classes and letting him compete in that until he's 16 then he can train mma for 2 years and if he makes it that far and wants to he can have his first ammy match when he's 18.  That's all his choice though and as long as he's active that's all that matters, I don't care what they do sports wise. My 5 year old is a little ladies man right now. He's strong but we haven't discovered his sport yet that he clicks with.

Q: What would you do differently knowing what you know now coming in to this sport?
A: the biggest thing I'd do different is not listen to anyone and have started training when I was 19 or 20. I wasted a lot of years not doing what I wanted to because I was told I need to focus on a job, on being a father, or a husband (at that time).  Knowing I can balance all the craziness now I would have been in the game a lot sooner.

Q: Who’s your fav mixed martial artist in both  mens mma/womens mma and why?
A: I love Jon Jones. Watching that guy fight there no one else like him. He made shit look so easy and was so dangerous no matter what stage of the fight it was. There's a list of fighters you know, GSP and his grappling, To dominic Cruz and his crazy footwork. I wish I could talk shit as smooth as chael sonnen, or smash like kahbib. Female fighter I love thug rose.  She's a bad bad woman.

Q: You’re in your prime, you get a chance to call out any fighter – who would it be and how does the fight end?
A: On a professional level Connor McGregor hands down.  Red panty night for 15 minutes shoot $$$$$$ that's the top payday in mma right there.  

Q: Coming into your bout for Tap or Scrap what has been one of your biggest struggles?
A: My biggest struggle coming into June 10th would be diet coming off a victory it's so easy to say I beat the scale,  I beat my opponent, now I reward myself and eat like shit. Eat all the good stuff.  Wreck my insulin sensitivity lol. But then it's like fuck I'm 4 weeks out from fight night already I gotta start eating clean again.

Q: What’s your average day look like as a fighter?
A: My average day is the same as the average blue collar American man. I'm not a content creator yet, or an insta model or anything glamorous.

Q: What exercises do you do help build cardio?
A: The best exercise to build cardio is rounds and rounds of rolling.  Spike your heart rate then bring able to bring it back down during the one minute rest. Aerobic heart rate training.

Q: Do your parents come and watch you fight – how do they feel about it?
A: My dad lives down here and at first he didn't like the idea but he was there. Going into my fourth fight he fucking loves being there. My momma lives in Nebraska but I know she watches on fb and supports me and probably prays over me constantly.

Q: Whats your fav fight movie?
A: Never back down #1

Q: Tell us about your first mma fight – when he broke his arm, were you like oh shit, or what went through your mind?
A: That was actually my debut! Yeah that shit was wild as hell. I didn't see my opponent at weigh ins.  Had no idea what to expect. My coach wasn't able to be there that day but I didn't want to miss my first fight,  I didn't know if I'd ever get the courage to take a fight and do it ever again so I went in solo.  

Paid a random dude there to tape and corner me.  I was a true debuter in San antonio alone.  I was the first fight.  Everything was rushed and the temporary coach asked me like what are you good at kid.   I told him I wrestled growing up and he literally got like 5 minutes of pad work to warm up and they were calling me up.  I walk into the ring and the crowd gave me the respectful light cheers.  I had my dad, my brother and sister and my oldest son there.  They were the only people in the crowd that knew me. I get introduced then the other guy walks in.   He was a home town fighter and everyone was there for him.  He walked in hugged like 15 guys and walked in ready to murder me with a crowd being him fueling him. They introduced him and I'm standing on the other side not even realizing it I'm fucking clapping and cheering that dude as they did his intro shit I was like wait wtf am I doing  then the ref said let's go and it was on.  I threw a leg kick and he countered with a 1,2 which I ducked under and clinched up.  I pushed him up against the cage and remember thinking like fuck fuck fuck and then I caught a knee in the ribs and that's when instinct finally kicked in I calmed down adjusted my double underhooks body lock got tight and I looked down and saw his legs crossed up and went with what I call a stubborn calf toss. What I'd do with a calf that pissed me off when we would brand cattle. I stepped and threw my hip into him and brought him around.  Then it happened. I felt his arm under us cause like a cushion on the landing then the snap. Of course the crowd went ohhh then silent as he screamed out.  I looked up as his arm came flopping out from under him, I was off of him with my hands up before the ref could push me off. It was gnarly.

Q: Why the mohawk – what inspired that cut?
A: The tomahawk is my 8 year old son's thing.  He loves it. I do it for him.  Plus I feel like I got the whole chuck Lidell thing going on so mentally it pychs me up and in this game anything you can do to mentally get a little more edge pays dividends.

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: I was born and raised 18 years in north platte Nebraska. I may not have been born in Texas but I got here as quick as I could!  I fucking love texas!

Q: Describe your fight style.
A: I can't really describe my fight style,  I'm still learning. I started ortho switched to south paw, I have this game plan in my head and it goes out the window and I just react. We haven't pinned down a style yet but when we do my assistant coach Kris is making me into what I am as far as my style and when it's done it'll be something completely of my own.
Q: Have you ever been rocked during training or a fight?
A: I have been rocked in training taking a round house to the mouth, it wasn't thrown with intent but I misread the fent and ducked right into it. I more or less tried to face punch his foot.  But the second it landed it put a smile on my face from ear to ear and while he was like oh shit I'm sorry you good, I said fuck yeah let's go!

Q: Name an under-rated mma athlete and why we should put some respect on his name.
A: My underrated mma athlete...  that's tough. I been watching this kid his name is Trystan Cowsert. His a South texas light weight ammy. He is 0-2 right now but the kid is young and hungry. Just got the shit end of the stick in his last fight and got caught. It happens and that's why you start as an ammy is to get those tough losses and lessons out the way. He's someone to keep an eye on as he grows into the sport.