May 29, 1990
Head Coach:
Daniel Adams

Robin Stiles (born May 29, 1990) is an American amateur mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the bantamweight division for numerous fighting platforms in South Texas, including Tap or Scrap. Stiles debuted in 2018 with Texas Clash Bash against Alexander Carr and would go on to win via unanimous decision.

Stiles was born in Houston, Texas on May 29, 1990, but relocated to Burnet County at or around 1993.

Growing up and finding an undying interest for MMA, Stiles would often find himself wishing he could one day challenge his television idols. He quickly realized that if he was to compete with the big boys, he might need to join an actual training facility. In 2018, he did just that.

Stiles got his chance to compete as a bantamweight in the amateur mma circuit in 2018, making his debut against Alexander Carr. He would go on to win his first bout by unanimous decision, taking his fight the distance in round 3 via Texas Clash 11 in Floresville, Texas.

With his new fight date scheduled to appear before a live audience at Cage Combat 32, Stiles would go on to lose via TKO in the 3rd round with 34 seconds left on the clock against a worthy Curry Gaut.

Not one to shy away from defeat, Stiles would find himself standing at 1-1-0 and eager to make an impression with a chance to compete for Texas Clash 12. Stiles would go on to raise his hand in victory with a submission win via rear naked choke early in the first round making light work of his opponent Andrew Gonzales.

Stiles would then find himself on a slippery slope of back to back submission losses in his next 2 appearances against Tristan Longoria and Andrew Davis. Both of these losses would occur in the 3 round via rear naked choke and guillotine choke.

Standing toe to toe for 3 rounds and ultimately pulling off a unanimous decision against Jordan Gloria hosted by Peak Fighting 5. This was a much needed win coming off of a 2 fight losing streak.

Stiles looks to keep the streak going as he competes for Tap or Scrap in Victoria, Texas on June 10, 2022 in Port Lavaca Texas against Christoper Garcia.

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Q: When and how did you get in to MMA?
A: Growing up my brother was a huge MMA fan, he would always invite me over for big fight cards. Watching the fights I would always claim to being able to beat those guys. He laughed at me and told me to go to a gym and find out. In 2014 I started training in backyards and by 2016 I realized I needed a gym. Needless to say he was right, but I keep showing up and getting better.

Q: What's your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?  
A: It's either the twister or the electric chair. Brutal techniques!

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
I don’t like to ride coattails. My biggest inspiration is myself. When the road looks rough ahead I look back at the roads I’ve already conquered. I’ve been staying focused and trying to set personal records for myself to come back and break.

Q: Which team are you training with in preparation for your next bout?  
A: I train with the best gym nobody knows about, Mad Dawg MMA out of Burnet Texas.

Q: What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
A: To me being a fighter is being an entertainer.  I'm a modern day gladiator.  Also I'm a role model and it makes me carry myself in public in a more professional manner. Before hand especially going out to the bars I looked for fights to get into, a reason to pop something off for fun. But now I represent my gym and this sport I'm only there to enjoy myself and have a good time.  I have zero wants to get into a stupid street fight because unless I'm truly defending myself or my girl there isn't a fight worth losing my privilege to fight in the cage.

Q: What do you love about being a fighter?
A: Being a fighter comes with knowledge. Knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibilities. I love the lifestyle being a fighter demands. Being around the guys, getting better and learning new techniques.

Q: How long does it take you to recover from a fight?
A: I’m usually back in the gym Monday after the fight. I’ve been fortunate enough to sustain my health so far.

Q: Do you learn more from a loss or from a win? Why?
A: I learn so much from a loss. Either way win or lose I walk out of the cage smiling and eager to get back in there.

Q: What's does your training schedule look like? (how often do you train)
A: We usually train 5 days a week, if my body lets me I try to make it in at least 4 times.

Q: What advice will you have for your kids when it comes to them wanting to do MMA?
A: Nate said it best “Go out there, hit them with some good sh*t and don’t get hit”- Nate Diaz

Q: What would you do differently knowing what you know now coming in to this sport?
A: Starting over I would stay more consistent with my dieting.

Q: Who’s your fav mixed martial artist in both  mens mma/womens mma and why?
A: Rose Namajunas, I became a fan on her loss to Andrade. She’s a real life ninja. My favorite male fighters are the Diaz brothers. Those dudes always come to fight, even if they don’t have a fight.

Q: You’re in your prime, you get a chance to call out any fighter – who would it be and how does the fight end?
A: I would have to call out Might Mouse or Aldo to stake claim of their GOAT status. I beat Demetrius Johnson by Electric Chair and Aldo guillotine choke if he doesn’t kick my leg off first.

Q: Coming into your bout for Tap or Scrap what has been one of your biggest struggles?
A: My biggest struggle is finding action. Covid and scared “fighters” have wrecked my fight plans. I’ll be looking to stay active here on out.

Q: What’s your average day look like as a fighter?
A: I wake up at 5:20am work for 10 hours, go home and clean up then head to training for a couple hour before coming home to shower and repeat.

Q: What exercises do you do help build cardio?
A: I do a lot of running and swimming to prepare for my fights, long wall work/grappling rounds and then my favorite is the shark tank.

Q: Do your parents come and watch you fight – how do they feel about it?
A: Surprising my mom loves it. She has actually been in my corner for a few of my fights.

Q: Whats your fav fight movie?
A: Fight Movie - none - but how about Talledega nights, Pineapple Express. I like funny movies.
Q: Tell us about your previous fight at Texas Clash in Victoria, Texas
A: In that fight I came off too aggressive and it cost me a finish. I really need to slow everything down and just capitalize on what’s being given.

Q: What do your teammates say about you?
A: My teammate describe me as a team player, hard worker and someone that tries to help improve everyone’s game.

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: I was born in Houston but got to Burnet county by 3. I don’t mind leaving but know I’m coming back.

Q: Describe your fight style.
A: I train to be well balanced. Naturally I’m a more dominant grappler but I focus on my striking the most.
Q: Have you ever been rocked during training or a fight?
A: Once, it’s weird in there. Shots that should hurt you sometimes won’t and shots that shouldn’t phase you can sit you down. It’s a hard thing to explain and an even more bizarre  thing to experience.

Q: Name an under-rated mma athlete and why we should put some respect on his name.
A: Ishiah Carson, that dude hits like a truck and when you try to counter, you usually only miss by 4-5”. Nobody wants to stand with him and his ground game is super high level. So like - where do you take the fight?